2 thoughts on “Small Town Politics.. Join Cookie with the Mayor of Mooresville, AL

  1. Thank you so much for helping us promote the Walking Tour. The Mooresville Walking Tour 2011 was the most successful event we have had since the year of Tom and Huck Movie. The money and bills are still coming in but it looks as if we will make a donation to the Limestone County VOAD of over $10,000! With our workshops, concert, and dinner we were able to cover all of our expenses, give 100% of the gate proceeds to Disaster Relief, and have a little money for a few needed repairs! The donation to Disaster Relief is the right thing to do and it will go a long way to help our neighbors who have suffered. We are proud to be part of a cherished community but even more proud to be a compassionate town. Thank you for helping us to assist others!

  2. Kathryn,
    We loved our time in Mooresville! Everyone was so hospitable and we could feel the pride each resident has for this historic town. We were thrilled to promote The Mooresville Walking Tour 2011 and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your most successful tour since the year of Tom & Huck! We hope that the year of Cookie Logic helped in a small part! We believe it was because of the excitement and hard work the residents of Mooresville put into this wonderful fundraiser! Kudos to you all for sharing your proceeds to disaster relief! Love to all our new friends and we hope to come back soon.
    We will try to warn you first!
    Cookie & the gang

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