Welcome to Cookie Logic….Logic That’s a Real Treat…

The Cookie Logic Website is a combination of  uploaded episodes of The Cookie Logic TV Show, Cookie’s stories and insights, and video skits to entertain.   The Cookie Logic TV Show is currently on a Summer hiatus and will return in the Fall of 2012..  View our shows for a real cliffhanger!  Check out our website weekly for new updates of Cookie’s stories, videos of some of our favorite talents and where you can find them, and list of the best sponsors around!  We want to keep you entertained and want you coming back for more!  We are in the process of retooling our website to make it easier to navigate.  Thank you for joining us for …Logic that’s a real treat…

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Cookie Logic….Logic That’s a Real Treat…

  1. Hey Cookie…my sister and I met you at Sephora on Sunday. I am the tall blonde who loves your eyeliner, your attitude…and your name. I think I am going to get my name changed to Cookie :-). You made our day!

    • Vicky, I loved meeting you both! I didn’t realize that you are sisters….that’s too much fun and smarts in one family! Thank you for your kind comments. And, you know that everything I’ve got I owe to that eyeliner…except for my name. 🙂

    • Rita,
      I apologize I just saw this comment tonight. I have been a working girl! I hope all is well with you and I appreciate you touching base. I enjoyed meeting you and talking to you also. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are. Also, come to see me at Sephora and watch for our new Cookie Logic season this fall. Best, Cookie

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