Welcome To Cookie Logic

Welcome to my blog! I am happy to be part of the Decatur, Alabama community. I hope you enjoy my short memoirs, insights and Cookie Logic Episodes. If you enjoy please comment or pass my blog along!

The name Cookie Logic comes from my husband, Allen. We were married on January 16, 1988. When we were dating I would tell him something and he would look at me usually rather puzzled and say, “Oh, that must be Cookie Logic.” Most of the pieces I write are ordinary everyday events that happen to me. They just happen to be my version of the events. They are Cookie Logic.

F. Scott Fitzgerald said to write for your audience and for the times. So, if you are reading this you are my audience and I am writing for you. I hope you enjoy.


I have been looking for a literary agent. One agent’s website said that there are not really any new ideas to write about-it’s just the way the writer presents the idea-the way he tells the story. What a relief! Now I could go back to my writing and tell my stories. They are nothing new. I just tell them my way.

Writing is a lot like sitting in a meeting full of recovering alcoholics. Each alcoholic shares his experiences. Some stories are outlandish and seem unbelievable-some are benign, yet it may have great significance to the one telling the story. I realized that just because I had never gotten a DUI, been to jail, lost my job or my family I still had a story to tell about my experiences as an alcoholic.

My writings are the same. My mother didn’t give me to her therapist, my family has never been homeless, I didn’t grow up in a war ravaged country and I’ve never had a sex change. My life is rather ordinary, but I have had a few experiences that have made a mark in my life and it is my hope that in writing about them I can entertain someone and if they feel inspired along the way-then great. My intention is not “if my stories can touch just one person then I will have succeeded…”-my single motive is simply to use my life experiences to entertain. Period. I think I’ll add a disclaimer that states, “These stories are meant for entertainment purposes only-should be read by readers with a sense of humor.”

I remember in the early 90’s when Oprah confessed on her show that she had been molested it became acceptable and actually encouraged others to do the same and tell their story. While I applaud Oprah and am very empathetic to her situation I believe it became very vogue to share one’s experiences as a child abuse victim. The world is full of bulimic, alcoholic, trans-gendered, bi-polar people with inverted nipples and they are all on the New York Times Bestseller list!

I decided that while I have had a couple of experiences in my life as the victim of someone else’s mean-spirit or lack of self-control-I will never put anything in writing that will hurt someone else. My mother always told me never to put anything in writing or on photos that I didn’t want anyone else to see. I have always followed this advice. Words spoken or on paper can hurt or destroy. I have actually written venomous words-hateful words. It felt great-at the time. But, there is simply no entertainment value and I had to make an amends.

F. Scott Fitgerald said to “write for your audience and write for the times.” What a solid and logical piece of advice. My audience is full of readers and the times-they are right now. So I will continue to live my kooky sometimes sad life and write about it.

I sent my first letter to a literary agent. I attached my stories with a professional, but cute letter. I told her that a rejection letter would not make a very good story-she needs to help me add to my repertoire by giving me my first chance at publishing my writings. Now that would make a great story!