Welcome to Cookie Logic!

Welcome to my website!   I am happy to be part of the Decatur, Alabama community. I hope you enjoy my short memoirs, insights and Cookie Logic Episodes. If you enjoy please comment or pass my blog along!

I majored in English/Applied Communications and like most girls with my degree I wanted to be the next Barbara Walters or Jessica Savitch-though she didn’t fare too well. I created the Cookie Logic Television Show which aired in February 2010 six months before my 48th birthday.  My goal is to do something I love, work hard, entertain people and the rest will follow.  I hope you enjoy The Cookie Logic TV Show and Cookie Writes where I share with you the Cookie Logic spin on life.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Cookie Logic!

  1. hey dear cousin i sure miss u all found this on the web and couldnt believe it was u. how cool. anyway send my love to everyone and miss u all so much

  2. Cookie, you are a great neighbor, mother (proof: your fantastic kids), and talk show hostess. Congratulations on one year of success! Many hugs!

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